“Big ideas have their origin stories.” On how starpower and branding can cause TED and related “big-ideas” franchises to make ideas smaller, not bigger. Also tackles the one-word-title book trend (which annoys me to no end).

Introduction-post at new blog Neurochambers. I like the description of fun and variety in the life of a practicing academic scientist, and I like what he says about science blogging as “neighbourhood watch” duty.

This cloned Kashmiri goat story is all kinds of interesting to me. For starters, cloning done “by hand” (that is, with a dissecting scope and a steady hand, no fancy nucleus-relocating automated pipettors) in India has some resonance with other ingenious, comparatively low-tech solutions pursued there in other fields–like text alerts for prenatal health care. Besides that, I like the conservation angle–if Drs. Shah and Hassan can save endangered Himalayan species with this technique, more power to them! Also, who knew kid goats were so very disarmingly cute?

If you post linkarounds, check out Maria Popova’s attribution guide, The Curator’s Code. I’ve been looking for a proper citation guide to the internet, and I think she’s just built it.  Plus the site graphics are keen.  (HT to Ed Yong)

New full-length post up on Saturday.