What I’ve been reading

I love this introspective post by Robert Krulwich on what it means to collect a ton of data about yourself, and whether that’s the same as being observant.  Myself, I tend to side with the poets and with Bill Bryson. (H/T Ed Yong)

“Numbers are really the only reason you’re writing your paper, and you don’t want your readers to think that you’re into something as lame as words”  –Adam “you don’t write like a scientist” Ruben, whose Experimental Error blog at Science I can stand to read only one post at a time.  He’s also the author of Surviving your stupid, stupid decision to go to graduate school, which I have avoided on principle; I’m saving it for a crisis.  Possibly the one that happens when my love-affair with words is uncovered.

I’m enjoying the Wellcome Trust’s series on scientific writing that science writers admire.  It’s good to hear from experts on how to do a thing well.  If you’re in the UK or Ireland and have any interest in science writing, consider submitting a piece to their contest!  I’m told there is a prize.

And on the lighter side Scicurious’s jumprope rhymes: possibly worth getting a Twitter account for.


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