I loved Maria Popova’s take on science as whimsy, and the balance scientists strike between rationality and intuition.

For the practicing scientists among us, here’s an unexpected tidbit of recent history: how poster sessions came to be. (hat tip to the design/advice blog Better Posters)

“Just because scientific knowledge is being printed and published online does not necessarily mean that the content is being avidly consumed by the general population” –a good reminder for anybody interested in writing about science for the public.  This article also revealed to me that there are people whose job it is to research science communication and how to improve it.  I wonder, are they hiring?

Also on the topic of science communications, here’s Ed Yong with a forceful piece on accountability and accuracy in science journalism. I look forward to reading whatever account he posts of the British Royal Institution discussion on setting standards in science journalism. Also, watch this space for a review of Bad Science, a book by Ben Goldacre on intentional, unethical journalistic chicanery.


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